Adventures of “Hat”

Shortly after the Southeastern camping Unit was chartered a significant event happened – Hat was born.  The date was February 18, 2014.  Wes Hurner of A&W Designs took our logo and converted it to one that could be embroidered.  Hat was the first of it’s kind, but the number continues to grow as the unit expands.  Hat has many brothers and sisters and also a cousin – “Shirt”.  Cousin Shirt is actually older than Hat by a month.  Then along came “Flag” to be flown at all gatherings so folks will know who we are.  Hat, Flag and shirt are always up for adventure as you can see below.  We hope that you enjoy following their adventures while Airstreaming.  If you have pictures of Hat, Flag or Shirt in action, please send them to and they will be added to this page.

          The Original Hat                            Hat’s Sister                                    Cousin Shirt

      Hats_Sister     IMG_2958

Hat may be lucky in love, but the wheel didn’t hit for Hat!

‘Standin’ on the Corner in Winslow AZ …’

Hat always has time for a hiking break at the Tasty Weasel

Hat’s on the hunt!

Will Rogers always had a good Hat story

Hat’s full – AGAIN!

Hat became a celebrity at The Four Corners Monument

Is Hat getting some competition?

Hat visits Duck Commander

Not sure this is what kind of camping Hat had in mind
when it started representing SECU.

Cowboy Hat?

Soooowwwwweeeee Pig!

Hat Exercises Its Right to the Democratic Process


Around The World in 5 Days Norfolk-Kuwait-Singapore-Tokyo-Atlanta


During Alumapalooza 6, Hat visits the 50th anniversary monument at Jackson Center


Hat makes it to the top of Buffalo Mountain during the Hiking and Tasting Rally May, 2015


Hat attends the 2015 NRA National Convention


After an Alumaflamingo 2015 concert:


Down at The Weight Gain Rally and Alumaflamingo, hat learns to drive a glass bottom boat, from 46 year vet Captain Oscar, at Silver Springs and how to distill quality Rum at Drum Circle Distilleries.

IMG_7990 IMG_8015


Hat makes a stand at Little Big Horn, but finds the same fate as Custer and his troops.

BigHorn2  BigHorn  Bighorn3

Hat sneaks onto a 777, as First Officer, and is off to London and Amsterdam in search of exotic food and automobiles.  I wonder if the passengers knew?

Hat_777Cockpit Hat_W_Chef_Sign_Amsterdam Hat_W_Lamborgini Hat_W_Rolls_Royce

Hat meets new friends on the way to WBCCI International at Gillette, WY.

Hat_Grizzly IMG_3125 IMG_3124

Hat’s winded on top of Pike’s Peak.


Beth blamed her need to lick the spoon on Hat.  I think it was the Cherry Cobbler…       Dutch Oven Seminar at International 2014.


Hat “pigged out” in Gillette causing a need to nap during the delegates meeting.

Hat_BBQ_joint_Gillette Hat_Sleeping_Delegates_Mtg_Gillette

Close Encounters of the Hat Kind at Devil’s Tower.


Hat’s pilgrimage to “The Mother Ship” at Jackson Center led to a meet up with Wally and Stella’s gold airstream in 2014


Hat’s Ready to drive anything (Ed Overcash’s Truck, Beth’s Brother’s Buick, Pike’s Peak Cog Train, tour bus and chuck wagon at Yellowstone, Ice Explorer – Columbia Ice Fields, antiques at Ft. Nelson BC museum, Ed’s Vespa, antique fire truck at Dawson City, YT, Tillamook Cheese Wagon, Tillamook, OR.

Hat_Eds_Truxk IMG_3111 IMG_3496 IMG_3110 IMG_3113  Hat_Ice_Explorer_7-13-14 Hat_Ft_Nelson_BC3 Hat_Ft_Nelson_BC2 Hat_FT_Nelson_BC1_7-20-14IMG_2861 IMG_4395 Hat_Tillamook_9-21-14

Some places Hat doesn’t need to go.  This could really put him in a bind.


Hat also likes just hangin’ with his Airstream buddies

Hat_MS_State_Rally_9-3-14 Hat_W_Penny-Cat_Fred-Moose_9-8-14IMG_2968 Hat_New_Home_Cagle_9-29-14 Hat_Rivited IMG_2964

Hat recruits a new member at The FDR State Park Campout.


Hat “posting” from Curt Gowdy SP – Cheyenne, WY


Hat visiting Mackinaw Island.

Hat_w_Irene_MackanicIsland Hat_W_Horse

Say Cheese! – Whitehorse, YT Museum


Hat loves to hike.

Hat_Desportes_trl_Sign_Alumalina2014 IMG_2878Hat-Aerial_Walkway Hat_Buck_Springs_Gap

While Streamin’ is Hat’s first love, he can be persuaded to take a little boat trip at Annapolis, MD or in a Tinglit canoe, Teslin, YT.

Hat_Annapolis_6-2014 Hat_Tinglit_Canoe_Teslin_YT_7-20-14

What a “Hat” rack – Denali National Park


Good Food, Good Friends at the VA Mountain’s Rally – Highland Haven

IMG_2977 IMG_2982 IMG_2963 IMG_2948 IMG_2966

Hat partied too hard at the Region 3 Rally in Asheville, NC and paid the price.

IMG_2913 Hat_W_SockMonkeys_AshevilleIMG_2889 Hat_W_Brett_TooMuchWine Hat_W_Beers_High_Falls Hat_Oskar_Blues Hat_Good_Taste Hat_Beer_Peanuts Hat_Asheville_Food_tour_5-1-14 IMG_2876

Hat reliving The Battle of Mission Ridge – Chattanooga, TN.

IMG_2826 IMG_2831

Hat trying on antiques at Coker Tire Museum Remember the RCA Victor Dog?

IMG_2811 Hat_w_Tire_Chattanooga IMG_2823

IMG_2815 IMG_2814 IMG_2813 IMG_2812

Hat at The Spring Fling Rally Chattanooga, TN

Hat Full


Shirt’s first appearance – Payne’s Prairie Rally Micanopy, FL